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Protecting our eyes from the sun is probably more important than protecting our skin. UVA and UVB are factors in causing certain eye diseases and, in particular, cataracts. Also there is the plus side you get to look cool in some stylish sunnnies!

Most spectacle lenses protect our eyes from most UV rays, however most spectacle frames allow the sun to enter the eyes from the sides, and they don’t help against glare, or the resulting squinting into the sun. There is also some alarming statisitcs about the amount of road traffic accidents caused by people not being able to see on coming traffic due to glare.

At Walker & Reid Opticians, we have built a reputation for supplying the best quality sun wear to you, combining the latest technology and design. Using a combination of technologies we can now supply correction for a wide range of prescriptions, from distance lenses to specialist skiing varifocals, in a miriad of different colours and depth tint. So your sunglasses have never been in better hands.

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